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Welcome to RA Cosmetics. RA Cosmetics is proud to be the number one supplier of 100% Pure scented and unscented African Shea Butter.Shea Butter and Shea Butter Lotions from RA Cosmetics are among the finest natural skin care products available. Packed with vitamins A, E and F, RA cosmetic’s 100% pure African Shea Butter provides deep penetration in to the skin to heel scars and to rejuvenate tired looking skin. Our 100% Pure Shea Butter also firms up loose skin, reduces stretch marks, and treats eczema, acne, and weak brittle hair. Experience RA Cosmetics' shea butter magic by using our 100% pure shea butter.


RA Cosmetics supplies products to some of the finest stores, spas, resorts, and day spas throughout the United States and around the world serving both professionals and customers directly with natural skin and body care products: moreover, our laboratories continually research new active ingredients to formulate more efficient treatments.



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